Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Wearing Shoes First Time in 4 Years: Ameliorating Aftereffects of Cerebral Haemorrhage

A woman has become able to wear shoes first time in 4 years since she had a cerebral haemorrhage.

Due to a cerebral haemorrhage, she had been unconscious for a month, and when she were awake, she became paralysed on her left side. Her doctor expected that she would have stiff muscles gradually and she would need to take an injection to soften her muscles in a year. 

However, she encountered mind power on 2012 and continued mind power treatments every week. Further, she went to Saint Mother to take Ms. Nonaka's treatments monthly. As a result, her muscles gradually became relaxed, and she could raise her left hand. Thus, when she went to the hospital, her doctor surprisingly told her that she did not need an intramuscular injection.

A medical research took place early this year, indicating that she could raise her thigh higher, and she could move her leg easier thanks to mind power treatments that Ms. Nonaka provided to her every week. Her walking speed accelerated from 21.5 to 17.7 seconds per 3.3 ft. for a month. As her left hand became sensitive, her sense of touch was improved to the extent that she could feel no difference between right and left hands. 

After the cerebral haemorrhage, she had to wear shoes for rehabilitation, and she always wanted to wear what she wants for her shoes. This time, she visited Dr. Toyoda's clinic to show her new shoes with a big smile. More surprisingly, her physical therapist anticipates that she will be able to walk without rehabilitation apparatus for her leg sometime soon. 

Reference: Dr. Toyoda's blog

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