Monday, 30 November 2015

All diseases can be cured.

While modern society has undergone an unprecedented economical growth, people get to know losing something important. Technological development has created a convenient life; the environment has been deteriorated. Due to that education is available for almost everyone in modern society, the literacy rate has been growing ever since in human history. On the other hand, people tend to be self-interested and egotistical searching for own profits through introducing the principle of competition, which might be associated with the increase in patients with mental problems that are often observed in this contemporary world. In a society where women play a significant and effective role in politics and economics, there are commonly observed problems such sterility and gynaecological diseases. As medicine has developed, people became able to prevent a broad range of infections. However, why do hospitals which are well equipped with medical examination and treatment facilities form a long queue of patients who suffer from chronic diseases. The direction of this modern society is apparently wrong. The direction of developing technology is wrong. I want to tell the truth that all diseases can be cured through mind power. Chronic diseases can be cured through changing the ways of thinking and living. If you want to change your life, please contact me. If you release from your disease, your life would totally change. 

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