Sunday, 8 November 2015

Recovery from Alcoholism

A woman, who became addicted to alcohol, started using mind power early this year. While she healed others with mind power, she could quit drinking over a month. 

At present, she told me the reason why she became alcoholic was that she was lonely. She had felt loneliness since her childhood as her parents did not love her very much. 

Nonetheless, when her parents encountered mind power on May, they were passionate to help each other with the power. She perceived that they were full of love and affection. 

She did not know that she already had an ideal happy family. She had believed that she was lonely and her parents did not love her. However, that was her misunderstanding. she was the one who made a feud between her and her parents. As soon as she realised that fact, she was able to overcome the feud.

Would you like to know why mind power cures alcoholism and why mind power improves a relationship? Please find out the answers by yourself. 

The texts were originally written in Japanese by Dr. Toyoda and translated by Mio Nakano.

Reference: Dr. Toyoda's blog

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