Sunday, 17 January 2016

Mind Power is Effective for Retinal Pigmentary Degeneration

A woman had felt eyestrain and dazzled since 28 years of age and she was diagnosed as retinal pigmentary degeneration a year later. Her doctor informed her that this was a progressive disease and she would be going to lose her eyesight in the future. Nonetheless, she visited an university's hospital in Tokyo and had gone there once a half year although nothing worked for her in the end. 

On April 2010, she took a mind power treatment that improved the brightness in her sight and reduced the blindness. She was so amazed with the fact that this improvement was happening by a single mind power treatment. She used to cover her room with two thick curtains all the time and wear sunglasses even in the room due to that her eyes were sensitive to the light. However, a series of mind power treatments reduced the dazzling in her eyes and finally she did not need her curtains in the room. Nowadays she is capable of driving a car in the night and her eyes do not bother her the daily life at all. 

Modern medicine did not do anything for her eyes and she assumed that she was going to be blind before encountering mind power. She could not see her hope for the future and she had no idea on what to do and she had been discontented for long. Thanks to mind power, she got back her life. She is still wondering why she can see, but it is the reality. She has no anxiety for her future and enjoy her life. She is grateful for mind power. 

Reference: Nonaka, Kuniko, The Way of Spirituality, pp. 22-23. Fukuoka: Gran-Nana, 2014.

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