Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Mind Power Cured Eczema and Secondary Amenorrhea

Engaged in mind power treatment, Dr. Toyoda is amazed with the effectiveness of the power on a daily basis; at the same time, she has mixed feelings as a dermatologist. This is because mind power heals patients within a short period without any medicines. She sometimes comes up an idea that dermatologists are not necessary anymore. 

While Western medicine has the tendency to subdivide departments such as dermatology, neurosurgery, psychiatry, etc., our body parts are associated with each other. Although a patient has a trouble with the skin, the symptoms would be resolved when getting rid of stress or recovering a decrepit organ. Thus, departments are not matter. 

Going through itchy skin, a teenage girl visited Dr. Toyoda. Although anti-allergy medicine and external preparation of steroid are prevalent treatments for itchiness, the doctor applied a mind power treatment for this patient. As soon as the doctor felt a sense of the stimulus, she realized that the itchiness of this patient was caused by psychological reasons which might be linked with a parent-child relationship. Her mother did not want to talk about it though. Additionally, Dr. Toyoda felt a strong stimulus above her uterus. The doctor's hunch was right: the patient had not had the period for 3 to 4 years. Her skin symptom was a signal from her mind and body and without tackling the root cause of her mental problems, her skin problems would not be solved completely. 

While this patient visited the doctor once a week, her itchiness was ameliorated and her period has restarted after the 5th treatment. In the 7th treatment, the doctor confirmed that her skin problems were almost cured. Eventually, the mother of the patient started sharing the issues of the relationship between her and her daughter. At this time, the doctor was confident that the patient would be going to recover completely soon as the patient and her mother finally opened their hearts to the doctor. 

Prescribing anti-allergy medicine and external preparation of steroid for patients suffering from skin troubles is an effective way to alleviate symptoms, but it hardly leads to a complete recovery. Patients need to understand that they are the one who are responsible for curing their diseases, not a doctor, which has never been told when Dr. Toyoda was a medical school student. 

The texts were originally written in Japanese by Dr. Toyoda and translated by Mio Nakano.
Reference: Dr. Toyoda's blog

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