Monday, 11 January 2016

Mind Power Fully Healed Collagen Disease Within 19 Months.

On April 2010, a woman at the age of 46 went to see an orthopedist when her instep became swollen, her fingers were numb and hardly bent as well as she felt pain everywhere in her body. As a result of an examination, she was diagnosed as mixed connective tissue disease called collagen disease. She took immunosuppressant and a painkiller but nothing worked for her disease.

When she was in a waiting room at the hospital, she heard about mind power and started its treatment on February 2011. As a result of the weekly treatment, her pain was relieved and she became able to walk again. Two months later, she was capable to go up the stairs. On May, she stopped taking a painkiller that she used to take on a daily basis. On the next month, her husband began to use mind power treatment for her and sent the power to her heart everyday that resulted her rapid recovery. At the end of the year, she returned her work as a hairdresser and a kimono dresser. At the end of July 2012, she stopped taking immunosuppressant and she has never been to hospital since September on the same year. 

At present, she tells that when she had sick, she was introverted due to her difficulty on daily life and she would need a wheelchair if she would not know mind power treatment. Encountered with serious pain around her body, she could not continue to work, could not have hope for her life, and did not want to live longer. However, thanks to getting mind power treatment, she  was relieved from pain and became able to work again while she has positive thinking and states her opinions clearly. Now she realises the reason why she got sickness. In the past, she could not express her feelings and suppressed them, which brought her disease by herself. In the other words, we can heal our diseases by ourselves whilst using mind power. Mind power energises our body and soul. 

Reference: Nonaka, Kuniko, The Way of Spirituality, pp. 21-22. Fukuoka: Gran-Nana, 2014.

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