Friday, 23 October 2015

Tackling Diseases with Mind Power: a Doctor's quest into Integrative Medicine

Dr. Toyoda, a dermatologist, and M.D., is the director of a hospital called "Taiyou-no-oka" clinic, "Hill of the Sun in Japanese.  Located in Fukuoka prefecture, the clinic houses dermatology, internal medicine, and psychosomatic medicine. She has clinical experiences in an university hospital and a general hospital where she spent for 12 years in total.

Before encountering with mind power, she was only engaged in Western medicine, and she had no interests in other medical treatments. 

When she knew the fact that mind power can cure and alleviate symptoms of chronicle sicknesses ranging from diabetes, high blood pressure, and collagen disease to many other so-called incurable diseases, she decided to gain the power, and confirmed its effectiveness in medical practice. She has come to think that she wants to tell the truth of mind power to as many patients as possible by introducing mind power in treatment.

Thus, she started writing her blog for those who suffer, give up hope, and give up recover, while advocating that human being have indefinite natural healing ability and diseases will cure. 

She wants to let you know that you meet someone, it is a miracle.

She is very welcome to answer any questions regarding mind power. 

The texts were originally written in Japanese by Dr.Toyoda and translated by Mio Nakano.
Reference: Dr. Toyoda's Blog.

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