Wednesday, 21 October 2015

How to Use Mind Power

At the outset, we can use mind power to relive pain. Most of pain and languor can be removed by this power. 

When the pain or languor is removed, all individuals who suffer from illness would be deeply impressed, and express his or her sincere gratitude to mind power and you, the practitioner of mind power.

As an old proverb says that a sound mind in a sound body, even if the effectiveness of mind power would not last so long, people could start looking at everything in a positive way when they are released from pain. This is a huge first step. 

At the same time, every time you heal and treat someone with mind power, you would feel positive changes in your mind and body. 

When you can sense and remove the pain of your beloved family by your hands, you would be extremely moved and you would not feel the same excitement any other way. Hence, the more we use the mind power, the more vigorous and the more affectionate we would be. At that moment, we, as practitioners, become more courageous and confident, and we firmly believe the future without any anxiety. 

While giving someone pleasure and sharing that pleasure between practitioners and patients, people change their values, the philosophy of life, and priorities in their life. Consequently, you would change your views of life and death. 

Using and telling the truth of mind power would become your purpose of living soon or later, and if you feel that these acts are your missions, you would realise the reason why you were born, and the meaning of your life. Thus, you can improve the quality of life. After developing the spirit of volunteerism, you can change someone's life in a better way in the end. 

The texts were originally written in Japanese by Kuniko Nonaka and translated by Mio Nakano.

HP: General Incorporated Association Saint Mother

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