Monday, 21 December 2015

Mind Power is Applied at a Hospital by a Neurosurgeon

Mind power treatment is employed by Dr. Shiraishi who has worked as a neurosurgeon since 1980, going through over a thousand surgical operations hitherto. He started learning a series of mind power courses at Saint Mother on Sept. 2014, with approximately a hundred participants suffering from incurable diseases including a variety of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, renal diseases, liver diseases, cerebral stroke, the late sequela of the stroke, neurodegenerative diseases, eye disease, atopy, varied of incurable diseases specified by the government, etc. As a doctor, he recognises that there are no effective treatments for those patients in terms of Western medicine or the latest medical technology, thus doctors just observe the progress of the patients or prescribe medications that is ambiguous for the effectiveness of treatment. Dr. Shiraishi decided to employ mind power treatments in his hospital because he was wondering why many patients could be improved with Western medicine and anxious about the lack of communication between doctors and patients. On the contrary, mind power can tackle a variety of diseases that Western medicine could not heal. This is because mind power can give rise to the change in people's way of living and thinking that are associated with the cause of diseases. He tries to combine Western medicine with mind power treatments for the sake of patients. 

In Saint Mother, patients, doctors, and nurses learn mind-power-hand-healing at the same seminars. There is no difference between medical practitioners and patients. Anyone can learn how to use mind power and how to cure variety of diseases at the same place. Dr. Shiraishi also attended this mind power seminars and apply what he leans at his hospital.

Reference: Dr. Shiraishi's blog, (accessed on 21 Dec. 2015)

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